Welcome to my work world! VersaLifts is an awesome company created by Shane Rothlisberger. I will describe this to you in terms of a ~non athletic person~ because that's what I am. BASICALLY our main product is a Heel Lift Insert that you slide into your shoe to help with your squats. The lift provides assistance with your ankle mobility which equals greater squat depth! So if you're an avid squatter with bad ankles, we got you covered! I am the Graphic Designer for this company and I do a whole bunch of things! My main job is to constantly provide content for the company. I do photoshoots, design apparel and packaging, create promotional graphics, create email graphics, design website elements, ebooks, video, produce marketing decks for collaborations, and well, just ALLL of the things! It's been a fun challenge to dive into a world that I know absolutely nothing about and design in a style that is quite the opposite of my own. But that's the awesome thing about design, the ways of design are endless! So enjoy this little sliver of what I do everyday, oh and I'll link the website in case ya need it!