Julia Franco is a friend of mine who went to culinary school and has found a love in the creation and art of cupcakes. She does custom orders for all types of events including birthdays, weddings, parties, etc. JuJu’s Cupcakes was in need of a design system that will help establish the business on a more professional level. This is a multi-faceted project that will include an entirely new branding system, marketing strategies, social media content, photography, and art directing. This project’s main purpose is to establish a brand identity and create content to reinforce those ideas. All of this will be done while also keeping Julia’s fun-loving and kind character in mind and incorporating that into the design. 

Below, you will see the development of a visual language including colors, fonts, imagery usage, patterns, and an illustrative icon set. There are also several deliverables such as business cards, tissue papers and stickers for packaging, Instagram feed mockup, website pages, and photography. At the bottom, you will also find explanations for the design process.