If you know me, you know I'm a little bit of a crazy cat lady and a lover of all animals (well, mostly mammals, not a big creepy crawler girl)! ANYWAYS, Here is a super fun self directed augmented reality project. I created a system of post cards that could be utilized by an animal shelter or vet clinic. These post cards are meant to be engaging and add a fun element to receiving mail, especially for the kiddos in your fam! SO, the first post card is a big CONGRATS for adopting! Scan the zap code and up pops a little clipboard with some helpful tips for your first few days as a pet owner. The second postcard would be sent half way through the year when your pet is due for vaccinations. Scan the zap code and you see a car driving into a vet clinic as a fun reminder for your appointment. And lastly, we have a postcard to be sent out one year after you adopt your furry friend for a little happy gotcha day celebration! View the videos below to see the animation and augmented reality in action!

PC Moc kup1.jpg
PC Mockup 2 .jpg
PC Mockup 3.JPG
vet copy.jpg