I consider my primary job to be a storyteller. Whether that be through my passion for identity + brand design or capturing your significant moments on my camera. My business is rooted in authentic connection and in serving others well.


The place I currently call home is little ol' Ames, Iowa. I'm married to my very best friend, Garrett, and am a proud (and slightly obsessed) cat mom to my two kitties Milo and Timmy!


I am so passionate about building a genuine relationship with each person I work with, whether you're in front of my camera or behind my computer screen, I want to tell your story in the truest way possible!

At the center of it all, my faith is the purpose behind everything I do. I seek to serve others well with the gifts God has given me and love everyone with open arms, as Jesus did. I believe every story is beautiful and worthy of celebration. I've learned to love creating because, in that, I see my identity in The Creator.

So, if you’re about being a little goofy, chasing after what’s real, and telling a story of what is authentically and uniquely you, let’s get together and make some magic happen.